Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medusa Update!

Okay so if you are following any of my social media presence you already know that today I will discuss the graphic novel I am working on. Just for those who visit this blog for the first time let me do a brief introduction about the project.
I am making a one shot graphic novel of the Medusa myth. Medusa was an ancient mythical monster (gorgon) that had snakes instead of hair and could petrify (literally turn to stone) any leaving creature that set sight upon her. 

Medusa was once a striking young woman with beautiful long hair. In fact she was so beautiful that all men in Athens wanted to have her as their wife. Medusa though was a priestess of the virgin goddess Athena, and she was bound by an oath of chastity meaning that she was beyond any man’s reach. Poseidon god of sea was among her admirers, and as the powerful god that he was, nothing was beyond his reach. Poseidon found Medusa inside the Parthenon (Athena’s temple) and raped her. Athena was furious that such terrible desecration involving one of her priestesses took place inside her very own temple. Athena was angry but not with Poseidon; she felt that the wrong deed was Medusa’s fault. The goddess full of anger curses Medusa for her crime and turns her into the monster we are familiar with. After that Medusa was send to live to an isolated island.

The graphic novel would be 52 pages in total. Today I will be finishing page number 40. I assume that I would have all the pages completed by early July. After I am done I will go through every page again correcting inconsistency mistakes, improving any anatomy issues etc. Then I will proceed to refine the writing and dialogues. Right now I have a very rough version of script that needs a lot of work until it becomes the finished polished writing that will end up in the graphic novel. After I am satisfied with the writing I will do the lettering (placing balloons and captions in the comic). Finally after all this is done I will create the front and back cover. After the comic is finished a new challenge arises, promoting, publishing and distributing the graphic novel. I will go through how I am thinking on handling those on a future post. 

Now you have a good idea on how this is shaping up. It takes a good amount of time planning and executing all those different production stages. 

Thank you for being here!

See you all next Sunday!

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