Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to draw in three-point Perspective.

Welcome once again to another drawing tutorial. Today I am going through the three point perspective. Basically we have three point perspective when we look at objects from an angle (just like in two point perspective) but we look at them from a high standpoint or a low standpoint. 

E.g. Imagine you are in a helicopter up in the air, when you look at a building from an angle you are looking at it at in three point perspective (called bird’s eye view). Same is if you look at a building from a low stand point all the way up from an angle you have again three point perspective (called worm’s eye view). 

In this example we will do a bird’s eye view.

First draw the horizon line.

Now draw three vanishing points. Make them have a good distance from each other

We will put a rectangle in perspective. We don’t have any parallel lines here. Draw two lines from Vanishing point 2.

Now draw two more from Vanishing point 1.

Now unify each corner with Vanishing point 3.

Decide how long you rectangle want to be. Now close the shape with Vanishing point 2 and Vanishing point 1.

There we have a rectangle in perfect three point perspective.

See you next Sunday!

Take care!

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