Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to draw in two-point Perspective.

Welcome to another drawing tutorial. Today we are going through two point perspective. Basically two point perspective is when you look at objects from an angle and not straight on like in one point perspective.   

If you haven’t been through last week’s tutorial I strongly suggest you go through that one first. Link:

First draw the horizon line.

Now instead of one vanishing point draw two. Make them have a good distance from each other.

We will put a rectangle in perspective. Draw a short vertical line.

Now draw the lines towards the two vanishing points.

Now decide how long your rectangle wants to be. Draw another short vertical line.

Draw the line towards vanishing point 1. 
Draw another vertical line. 

Draw the line towards vanishing point 2.

There you go a rectangle on perfect two point perspective.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Take care!

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