Sunday, March 3, 2013

Medusa Graphic Novel: New Page!

You have already seen the first five pages of the comic. Today I am going to update you with a new page.

If it is your first time here take the time to see what the comic is about:

We have been through the main plot and the characters. What really strikes me about this story is how unfairly Medusa is treated by the gods. Poseidon sexually assaults her; Athena blames her for the act and curses her into becoming a monster! After many years of suffering as a hideous monster petrifying people, gods finally dispatch demigod Perseus to kill her and take her head as a trophy. 

The powerful gods play with the lives of mortals as a small kid with his toys. In a way it is a very relative story for today’s standards. Powerful people slipping through the cracks cause no one can touch them. Sometimes innocent people take the fall for others to come through. 

Now without any further ado, here is page 6 (pencil, inks, finishes):

The priestesses are inside Parthenon lustrating the temple.  

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