Sunday, February 24, 2013

Medusa Graphic Novel: Characterization.

Today I would like share a few words about the pages we have seen so far and the thought process behind the visual depiction of the main character.

The past few weeks I have been talking about the graphic novel I am working on. You can go to the archive to catch up.

At page 1 we are being introduced to a beautiful young lady walking down the street. We cannot see her face yet. She is our main character Medusa. On the last panel we can see her beautiful locks of hair.

On page 2 and 3 we see the protagonist to all her glory. Hypnotizing eyes, gorgeous lips, beautiful long neck and hair flowing through the air. A goddess among mortals, men stand in awe, frozen to their tracks. Medusa’s expression though is strange. She feels awkward about it and shies away to all this attention.

On page 4 we see another woman greeting Medusa; she is one of her friends. I drew this character in a way that emphasizes the difference between a normal looking woman and the protagonist’s divine beauty.

On page 5 we see both women walking towards the Parthenon, temple of Athena. This is the point where we actually learn that Medusa is a priestess. At the last panel we see the golden statue of Athena inside Parthenon.

I wanted to stay close to reality for the depictions of people, clothing and locations. I drew influence from statues, buildings and illustrations of the time. I took my sketchbook and visit the Parthenon. I drew several pictures of marbles, statues and clay vases. I also took pictures for reference. I visit the Parthenon museum and drew several pictures on my sketch pad as well. 

Here is how Medusa character came together. 

Her hairstyle.

Her dress.  

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