Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top Cow Talent Hunt 2012 Art Submission

I would like to take a break from the “Medusa” project this Sunday. Today I will show you the sequential samples I submitted to Top Cow’s talent hunt.

It was September 2012 when I saw the announcement that top cow was conducting a talent hunt. Two writers and two artists would be selected to make a graphic novel or miniseries for top cow. Artists had a sample script to work from. I downloaded the script and the rules. 

Now I have to say the only characters that I was familiar with from the Top Cow universe were Witchblade, Darkness and Ian Nottingham. All the other characters from the sample script I have never heard of. I was a bit skeptical at first to enter this particular competition given my complete lack of knowledge and interest for those characters. 

Anyway I decided to bite the bullet and get at it. After all it was a big opportunity just to pass on. So I found all the reference I needed and start drawing.

Here are the samples

No I wasn’t one of the lucky two.

Thank you for being here!

See you all next week!

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