Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to draw a head in profile

Today’s post is about drawing a head in profile. Similar to last week’s post this will be an eleven step process.

Check out how to draw a face step by step process:

Step 1
Draw the circular type shape you see below. Again notice how the jaw and the jaw bone are affecting the lower part of the face.

Step 2
Right in the middle of the head draw a horizontal axis. This where the eye rests.

Step 3
There isn’t a particular scaling method for placing the eye somewhere specific (contrary to drawing ‘en face’). Draw a triangular shape close to the vertical axis.

Step 4
Draw the eye brow and the skin over the eye. Notice how the eyebrow on the right side goes inside the head forming a depth illusion. It also touches the vertical axis. 

Step 5
Draw a vertical axis from the beginning of the eye. This is where the nostril is. Cut the lower part of the face (from horizontal axis to jaw) in the middle. This where the nose exists.

Step 6
Draw the nose. Notice the curve starting from the eyebrow that goes in, then out and then back in again to complete the nose shape.

Step 7
Draw a vertical axis from the middle of the eye. This where the mouth is.

Step 8
Draw the mouth. Notice how the curves shape the lips and the jaw. 

Step 9
Draw the neck. The neck has a slanted angle; it is not vertical to the head. Now draw two horizontal axis around the end of the nose and the eyebrow.  

Step 10
Between the axis draw the ear.

Step 11
Draw the hairline. See how the line curves around the head.

Next week “how to draw the female face”!

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