Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to draw the female face

Today we are drawing the female face.

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Eleven step process plus one this time! Let’s start!

Step 1
Draw egg type shape. You can see the difference between the male head shape and the female one. Here is a lot curvier. 

Step 2
Draw the vertical and the horizontal axis. Notice the curve on the horizontal one. 

Step 3
Find where the eyes will be. Notice the distance between the eyes is one eye distance.

Step 4
Draw the eyes. Draw heavy eyelashes. Treat them as one unified shape.

Step 5
Draw the eyebrows. Make them thin and curvy.

Step 6
From beginning of eyes draw two vertical lines. Cut the main vertical line between eyes and chin in the middle. This is where the nose goes.

Step 7
Draw the nose.

Step 8
Draw two vertical lines from the middle of the eyes. This where the mouth will go.

Step 9
Draw the mouth. Draw the outline of the lips.

Step 10
Between the eyebrows and nose are the ears. Draw two horizontal lines to find their location.

Step 11
Draw the hair. Treat hair as a shape. 

Step 12
Finally I redrew the jaw line a little higher so that I can make the chin a little smaller and more feminine. Always be prepared to make adjustments as you move towards the final image. Don’t let the rough sketch beneath dictate how your drawing should look like. 

Next week drawing the female head profile!

Be here next Sunday!

Take Care!

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