Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to draw a face

Starting today and the following weeks to come I will be conducting a series of “How to draw” tutorials. On these tutorials I will cover how to draw the human head and characteristics (eyes, noses etc.), the human body (male, female) and perspective (one point, two point and three point perspective).
These tutorials would be extremely useful for beginner artists, so if you are interested in learning how to draw here is a good place to start.

In today’s post we are going through the process of creating a male’s face.  

This will be an eleven step process. 

Step 1 
Draw the “egg” type of shape. Notice the difference at the bottom of the face and how angular it is.

Step 2
Draw the vertical and the horizontal axis. The axis are drawn in the middle of the face. Notice the slight curve on the horizontal one. 
Step 3
Draw five equal parts on the horizontal axis. This is the size of an eye. The face is divided in five eyes distance. 

Step 4
Draw the eyes. The eyes have a “fish” type of shape.

Step 5
Draw the eyebrows and two subtle lines over the eyes indicating the skin covering the eyeballs. The eyebrows are “hugging” the eye in a way protecting it.

Step 6
Draw two vertical lines from where the eyes begin.

Step 7
The nose is half the distance from the chin. The lines we drew at step 6 indicate where the nostrils are.

Step 8
Draw two vertical lines from the pupils.

Step 9
Between those axis draw the mouth. The mouth has a shape similar to the letter “M” but stretched from each corner.

Step 10
Draw the ears. The ears are between the horizontal axis of nose and eyes/eyebrows.

Step 11
Finally add the hairline. Put it one nose distance from the eyes axis. Add in a few subtle lines for rendering.

A word of advice, don’t despair if you don’t make it look exactly the same. Keep practicing this exercise, it will come out better and better each time you try it!

Next week we will learn how to do a face in profile.

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