Sunday, July 7, 2013

Medusa Status.

Hey! Welcome back!

So there seems to be a change since last week’s post. I referred to a revise about the last three pages towards the finale. I had a problem with the pacing and staging of the final scene. I felt that it was dragging for too long and that it was too similar to a particular movie. 

Therefore the comic would be two pages less than it was estimated to be, making it 50 pages in total. Now don’t get me wrong there might still be changes and that number might change again. As you have read before all the images you have seen are far from finished and they are subject of change and improvement. 

Today I am finishing the pencils of the last page. Inking should start tomorrow and it would be about a week to finish considering it is 10 pages.

I will keep you updated!

See you next Sunday!




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