Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snapshots and Life Drawing, Part 1

Hey, Panos here!

The initial thought was to publish one more figure working post and then move into a different subject. Turns out I had a lot of material to clog into one post, so I broke it down into two parts. Today is part 1; next week will be part 2. 

Last week I talked a bit about the female form, you can check it out here:

I have been searching various sources to practice drawing anatomy, movement, facial expressions and emotions. I wanted to take my figure working further and work from more elaborate poses. 
Life drawing is especially effective for honing your anatomy skills and your perception. It pushes you to think in patterns and fill in blanks to a subconscious level. I have had life drawing lessons during my time as a student at Loughborough University. The experience working directly from a live model is unparalleled. 

There is one thing missing though.

Did you guess it? I thought you would!

Model is restricted to pose the entire time, it is impossible for him or her to act in movement. The human body is capable of stretch and move and act into a thousand different ways to a thousand different angles. The model in a life drawing class is restricted to a number of positions (crouching, standing, leaning, laying, etc.). Unfortunately no one is fast enough to draw a model jumping or running in a life drawing session (if you can I envy you).

Photographs achieve snapshots of motion (jumping, running, tumbling, fighting, etc.) that somebody can work from in order to practice further. The gallery bellow is from a number of sources. Some of those are Olympic Games 2004, UFC, Undisputed 3 movie and various fitness magazines.

Thanks for being here once again! I appreciate it!

You be good now! Until next week!



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