Sunday, January 13, 2013

Introduction and Figure Practice.


This is my first post here, so before I get started let me fill you in a little about who I am and what this blog is going to be about.

My name is Panos and I am a comic book and storyboard illustrator. At the moment I am working as an art teacher in IEK Intergraphics (HND equivalent education college) in Athens, Hellas. I am teaching illustration and digital imaging.

I am also working on my graphic novel called “Medusa” which speaks about the famous mythos of the gorgon Medusa and the demigod hero Perseus. Visit my portfolio section to see the first five pages of the graphic novel. There are going to be posts and updates about this particular project soon.

In this blog I will be talking about my illustration work, comic book and storyboard art. There are also going to be updates about upcoming personal projects or commissions. I will also be posting drawing tutorials and digital manipulation tutorials.

Blog will update every Sunday.

Now into today’s topic: 

Figure Practice

I have been doing a lot of practicing lately working on my figure drawing. After doing a bit of searching I came across this website: I was happy to see that there is a training exercise that you could do in a daily bases. Two sets of ten poses day and night 30 seconds each.
I have been doing this exercise for about a month now and I feel that it really has helped me improve my skills. I put together a number of those 30 second poses for you to see, take a look:

Thank you for being here on my first post, leave any comments, feedback or any questions you may have down below the comments section!

Be sure to be back next Sunday for more art!

Take care!

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