Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Update!

Hey there how is summer been treating you. Here in Athens is 38 degrees, coupled with the heat of my laptop and my drawing tablet it’s probably about 52 degrees : P The little fan I‘ve got over here (air-condition out of order) is barely helping.  

Ok enough with my little heat rant. I haven’t been doing much concerning Medusa. After I finished with the art a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I decided to leave it some time off and then start over with a fresh eye. I will be picking it up to edit the art and finish the comic within August. 
I will be taking some time off of the blog and focus on a few other things I have been postponing and maybe some vacations. The blog will be back on September first 2013 with a 10 page lettered preview of “Medusa”!

Until then enjoy the rest of summer!

See you in September!

Take Care!

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