Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to draw the female body

Welcome back to another drawing tutorial!
Today we will go through constructing the female body. Move to the image below.

Here we see a template of the female body. A few things to go through this exercise, notice that the figure is 8,5 heads long. At the second head is the chest-nipples area. The third head is a little further down the belly button. The fourth head is the crotch. Between six and seven is where the knees are. Between eight and eight and a half are the feet. 

A few more tips. Start from working from the first pose on the left. Draw the head similarly to the stages we did on previous posts. Draw a vertical axis right in the middle and all the way down. Now start counting heads towards the vertical line. Make a small mark each time you count a new head. Once you hit 8,5 heads stop. Know you know where the body parts fall.

Finally feel free to use this template however you like. You can print it, you can try your character designs on it, you can use it as a reference etc. but please if you do make sure you mention where you find it with a reference link.

Thanks for being here! See you next week!

I am more than willing to ask any questions regarding today’s post or previous ones. Write your questions or comments at the comments section below.

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